From Shame to Gratitude

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Yesterday, I launched my website. After hours of work and many rounds of editing, I created a Facebook post to share the site with the world. I was full of excitement and joy to be bringing forth my Women on the Way program and an official LMOP Coaching website. I was ready for the positive feedback, “way to go,” “good for you,” “so exciting,” and admittedly was not ready for real feedback. I asked my community to look it over and to give me real feed yet I still wasn’t prepared.

Proofreading has never been a strength of mine and my skills as a proofreader are not why people hire me as a coach. I didn’t learn to read more than a few words at a time until I was almost 9 years old and I have carried deep shame about my ability as a writer most of my life. My fingers often don’t keep up with my mind and I fail to see the simple mistakes when I go through something searching for typos and grammatical errors. Luckily, I have many people in my life that I can lean on for support, number one, my mom. She is wonderful at proofreading and is my go-to person for help when writing something. 

As I launched my website, I neglected a final look over with a second set of eyes. I was so excited to share the content with the world that I missed many simple mistakes. It read, crips not crisp, spend not spent, lead not led, etc. As I shared the site on Facebook, the positive comments came but so did the notes about the proofreading mistakes and I instantly went to a place of shame. 

A long time follower of Brene Brown, I kept asking myself, “What would Brene say?” How would Brene transform this shame? Her wisdom came to me, “You missed a few typos and this does not make you a bad person or writer. Remember, connection is the antidote to shame.” To that end, I have scheduled a time to connect with those providing feedback and to use the connection to help dissipate my shame. I am not a bad writer. I do struggle with proofreading and am so grateful for all the suggestions and support from my community and to remember that it is their love for me and my vision that is driving the feedback I receive.

Thank you for the feedback.  Thank you for helping make me a better writer, creator and coach.

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  1. What an amazing person you are! Your coaching passion and skill far outweigh any typos – Your Women on the Way Program will be so beneficial to those who choose to join you on this journey – life-transforming FOR SURE!

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