horses standing in a field before mountains

Equestrian Coaching

In equestrian coaching I work with clients to achieve their goals around horses.  This includes developing as stronger relationship with their horse, improving basic riding skills, and using their relationship with horses to address other areas of their life.  Most people start with a specific goal in mind and the process evolves overtime as I come to know each horse and rider combination.  With over 20 years of experience riding and training horses, and 5 years a coach, Equestrian Coaching is a beautiful way to combine them together.

Saddle fitting

Horse change over time and as their muscles develop, it is important to ensure that your saddle still fits.  I recommend that most saddles are check every 6 months to ensure they still fit properly.  

I work with horse owners on saddle checks, saddle purchase consultations, and saddle reflocks and repairs.  Saddle fitting is a skilled trade and I apprenticed for three years with Bev Harrison, Qualified Master Saddle Fitter through the British Horse Society and founder of the Tack Collection.  

Contact me to today to discuss your saddle fitting questions.