Coaching with Lisa


Headshot of Lisa outside
Do you need a personal trainer to go to the gym?  No.  But if you want to get the most out of your workout, you invest in a personal trainer.  You use their expertise to harness your potential and achieve greater results in the same amount of time.  Maybe you invest in 3 sessions and then follow up as needed, or maybe you have big goals and invest in a full year right up front.  
I think of coaching as personal training in life.  Do you need a coach to have a fulfilling life?  No.  But if you want to achieve results or get “unstuck,” coaching can be a huge asset along the way.  
When to invest in a coach?  You are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do, at work, at home, in life, etc.  You have big goals and need support in achieving them.  You are on the edge of burnout and realize you need to make some changes.  You are committed to growth and ready to create more in your life.  

I work with driven clients who are looking to level up their life. Whether it’s achieving work life balance, finding alignment with your purpose, building a better relationship with people in your inner circle, or strengthening communication with your team, my clients achieve results.

Sustainable change takes time. I work with each client to set up a coaching program that meets their needs and budget. We start with a month-long commitment, although best results are achieved over 3 months. Location (in-person, over the phone, or Zoom), frequency (weekly to monthly), and length (20-60 minutes) can change to meet the client’s needs.