Coaching with Lisa


Working with coaches and being a coach has changed my life. One of the challenges of the world we are living in is that you can literally do anything. If you want build a tiny house, there is a book on it. If you want to learn investment strategies there are a hundred different podcasts to listen to. In an age of information and possibility, how do you decide?  Coaching.

I work with driven clients who are looking to level up their life. Whether it’s achieving work life balance, finding alignment with your purpose, building a better relationship with people in your inner circle, or strengthening communication with your team, my clients achieve results.


Sustainable change takes time. I work with each client to set up a coaching program that meets their needs and budget. We start with a month-long commitment, although best results are achieved over 3 months. Location (in-person, over the phone, or Zoom), frequency (weekly to monthly), and length (20-60 minutes) can change to meet the client’s needs.  

Mastermind Group

What is a mastermind group?  It is a group of individuals that are committed to supporting each other through powerful, facilitated team coaching.  


Contact me to explore these opportunities and discover what approach is right for you. We will schedule an initial conversation, at no charge, to explore what’s possible and to make sure it’s the right match for both of us.