Lisa Marie Nelson

I am a coach, leader, facilitator, and trainer, with a background in non-profit management, outdoor experiential education, leadership development, and disability services.  

I love working wth individuals and groups to transform their thinking and change their lives.



I grew up with my hands in the dirt, exploring the natural world around me and started hiking and camping before I was 8 years old. This passion for the outdoors led me to complete a 21 day Outward Bound Mountaineering Course in college which sparked a lifelong love of backpacking. After college I worked for a Conservation Corps for four years where my work centered around outdoor experiential education for youth. Nature is an incredible teacher and I was part of a team that designed programs for youth 16-30 years old that focused on leadership, team development and personal responsible.  


At the Conservation Corps, my position quickly grew to managing large teams.  Continuing in management from the Conservation Corps to a human service agency that works with people with disabilities, I sought a skills set that would transform the way I lead. I found coaching and completed training with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) as a Co-Active Coach. 

Since launching LMNOP Coaching, LLC in 2016, I have had the chance to work with individuals, groups, and organizations to transform their thinking. Coaching conversations and the tools I integrate into immersive experiences lead people to a deeper connection with themselves and those around them. People gain clarity, new skills, and accountability as they seek to make permanent changes in their lives. To bring the best information and resources to my work, I completed a 10 month immersive Leadership Development program with CTI in 2019.


While growing LMNOP Coaching I continued to work with people with disabilities at non-profit organizations through 2021.  Learning more about the barriers individuals face, I started providing staff training and consulting to increase the accessibility of local organizations.  The Americans with Disabilities Act is extensive and can be confusing to follow.  My goal is to assist organizations in understanding and implementing simple changes that greatly increase their accessibility and developing plans for larger scale changes when necessary.  

In 2022, I personally experienced the need for physically accessible spaces and my passion around supporting businesses to understand and follow the ADA has continued to grow.